Get campaign responses w/ the "Cupcake Hack"

Danielle Olivas Tue Jun 13 2017

Idea: Offer cupcakes as an incentive to get people to participate in your campaign.

Details: Cupcakes?! Who would have thought that this hack could actually yield astounding results? RJMetrics launched a survey over the holidays one year and found that it was tough to compete for attention during this time. So, they decided to offer a dozen cupcakes to 10 random participants. People were excited to sign up, and even wrote email responses saying they hope to win the cupcakes. 

Prior to this hack, RJMetrics tried using iPads as an incentive to promote their webinars but didn't see significant results. Once they decided to scrap that and replace it with cupcakes, their conversions skyrocketed. Sounds absurd, but perhaps people feel that they have a better chance at winning free cupcakes instead of a free iPad. The cost of cupcakes was outweighed by the high number of responses they received.


Offering cupcakes as an incentive will increase conversions.
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