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Sarai Winston Fri Mar 12 2021
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What is an abstract?

A to-the-point and concise summary of a research project or an experiment is known as an abstract. The length of an abstract is typically under 300 words. The main purpose of this section of a research paper is to summarize all the contents of a research paper. The main elements that are included in an abstract are as follows: 

  • Purpose of the research paper
  • The experimental methodology of the paper
  • Findings of the paper
  • Conclusion of the findings
  • Further implications 

Any student or a researcher who has to present his or her research proposal or the dissertation as a requirement for a degree needs to know how to write an abstract. All the major aspects of a paper are included in an abstract. The main function is to help readers decide whether they want to read the rest of the Write My Paper or not. 

There are no tables, graphs, charts, images, bibliography, or reference list in the abstract.

Two primary types of abstracts

There are two main types of abstracts and the usage depends on the requirement that has been extended by the research papers. Specific publications make it mandatory for students to follow specific guidelines. 

Descriptive Abstracts

Briefly describing all the contents of a research paper or a report, a descriptive extract essentially tells the readers what they should expect from the details of the paper.

Here are some common features of descriptive abstracts:

  • The size of a descriptive abstract is very short and most of the times it is less than a hundred words
  • A descriptive abstract does not go into the details of the results of the conclusions of a research paper. Most commonly it summarises the experimental methodology on the main purpose of any research.

Informational Abstracts

Just like a mini-paper, an informational abstract communicates with the readers about significant details of the research. The length of an informational abstract can range from 1-2 pages, unlike the descriptive pages. Informational abstracts cover all the aspects of a research paper or Essay Writer.

Tips and techniques for writing abstracts for an experimental research

Some conventional tips and techniques for writing an experimental abstract are as follows:

  • Through the experiment, it was determined that...
  • The researchers examined a specific relation between...
  • This paper provides information on...
  • The investigators found...
  • The writing style and a good abstract is achieved by writing in the third person. Following phrases can be used which give a professional outlook to an abstract:
  • The abstract should be written after writing the research paper or a research experiment. Students are often tempted to start the whole process with an extract because this section comes between the title page of the dissertation and the rest of the paper but service has established that summarising the paper on a research report is much easier after its completion.
  • A fact that is not included in the paper should not be a part of the abstract. 


Here is an example of an abstract.

This research was carried out to study the effects of government spending on the growth rate of gross domestic product. It is hypothesized that the gross domestic product of any country increases if the public sector of that country spends more amount of money on publicly available goods and Paper Writing Service such as health, education, defense, infrastructure, etc. Specifically, the study was restricted to the regions of Europe and Africa. Data was estimated on the sole basis of availability. The bivariate relationship was mediated on the basis of variables of accountability of the government. The relationship between public sector expenditures and the gross domestic product turned out to be a positive one. 

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