The Three Points To a Successful Relationship

Alice Painfree Wed Nov 11 2020
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This is a step by step guide from Loveawake dating experts that will help you, hook up with hot girls. Sound a bit hard to accomplish? I know, but have a bit of faith in yourself..being with a girl is not as hard as you may now think! Dating isn’t all that complicated, it’s mostly a manner of practice, going out there and trying. Practice makes perfect.

The structure of this guide:

  1. The Fundamentals – what you need to know before you go on
  2. Going out – where to go, who to go with
  3. Scoping – learn to see what’s really going on around you
  4. Meeting women – how to approach women, what to talk about, how to talk, when to talk
  5. Closing – finishing the conversation and getting her phone number or e-mail
  6. Dating – where to go, what to do, what not to do, how to get laid
  7. Relationships – how to start one, how to keep one.

The Fundamentals

It is vital that you have the fundamentals straightened out before venturing into the world of hot women. Without them, the effectiveness of your seduction techniques is massively reduced. So what are the fundamentals? They lie in your attitude and your appearance.


Attitude isn’t necessarily about how you act and how you behave. It’s more about how you think, and how you understand.

First of all, you must *truly realize* that you won’t be able to get any girls (the kind that you don’t pay for at least) by staying home, in front of your computer. This may sound upsetting to some of you, because it may be your favorite place in the world to be. But it’s true. Don’t hate me for it, it’s just the way it is. Okay, bottom line, you will need to go out. Many men learn all the science behind effortless seduction, but never make the effort to go out there and actually try it.

Another thing that you need to realize is that since you’re pretty new to this, or maybe you haven’t done it before – at all – it’s going to be challenging. But you like challenges, don’t you? Maybe you don’t, but you can’t GIVE UP after your first failure. Because failure it will probably be. There’s an old saying..”If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style”. Just kidding. Realize that getting a girl is not impossible. If you act like you don’t stand a chance, I am sorry to tell you, you probably don’t stand a chance. Think positive!


If you want to appear attractive to women, you must control the way you look, smell and sound. It doesn’t matter if you’re too fat, too thin or too damn ugly. This DOES NOT matter as much as what you wear – your clothes, your shoes, the cologne you use and so on. The key is controlling the way you look, make the choices that benefit you most. By doing so you will earn respect from those around you. And with respect comes social value, which is very attractive.

OK. So, what SHOULD you wear? Well, girls like to look to popular trends and contemporary public preferences much more than most men. So give them something to notice and find attractive in the clothes you wear. Look through some magazines to find out what’s considered fashionable and trendy, and find something similar. Go for a balance of smart/casual gear with clean lines and only one bright color per outfit.

Shoes: many women often dismiss guys because of their shoes. What you need is a pair of clean shoes that match your outfit. They don’t need to be expensive, and it doesn’t matter what firm they’re made by. By being careful about the shoes you wear, you eliminate the possibility that a girl will dismiss you based on your shoes.

Also you must take care of your hair. You don’t need an expensive haircut, but try to keep it clean and simple and shave in whatever way it makes your face look best.

The way you smell: you should only use a little bit of cologne, on your neck, to surprise her nicely when you get closer. Don’t overuse it because you don’t want to smell like a cheap hooker.

This is the end of part one. In the next part of the guide, I’ll tell you about going out . Where to go to find girls, who to go with, and what to do there.

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