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Luke Gibson Thu Mar 10 2022
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Essay writing is one of the most important skills students are required to learn in their academic years. Harnessing this skill pays off later in professional life. There are different types of essays and knowing each one of them is necessary to become a good essay writer . Out of different types, a narrative essay offers the writer flexibility in writing the content as they see fit because it is the narration of some event relevant to the writer’s life. This blog was written from the perspective of narrative essays and will focus on the structure of writing one leading to the selection of a credible narrative essay topic.

Narrative essay as the name suggests means “narrating an event”. The essay is written in a flexible way depicting the author's storytelling style. The essay can be written in first, second or third person pronouns and relates to specific events within the story. The essay can be on the author’s life event or can be written from an imaginative hero’s perspective. It is necessary to write the essay in past tense and shouldn’t use too many dialogues. Narrative essays are used to explain a story in components.

A narrative essay follows a coherent structure. It is divided into three parts that are beginning, middle and end. Background information relevant to the event is explained by an essay writer online in the introductory phase of the essay along with a catchy phrase as a beginning sentence. Characters and plots are highlighted for the reader to give them an insight into the coming story. The story moves into the rising action where characters and plots are discussed thoroughly leading to the climax of the essay. The climax should be written brilliantly to grab the reader's attention as this portion is the defining spectrum of the essay. The conclusion comes right after the falling action part of the essay. This portion highlights the outcome of the circumstances and explains what the author has learned from the relevant event. Narrative essays are written chronologically where all the events are described one after the another in sequence.

Students are often assigned narrative essay writing tasks during their course completions. These tasks are backed up by the purpose of making students learn to narrate their life events expressively and professionally in the light of the given topic. A narrative essay should hook the reader in which they experience feelings flowing through their body relevant to the explained event. If the described event is saddening in nature, then the reader should experience the same and vice versa therefore it is important to keep the targeted audience in mind while devising a brilliant narrative essay. Narrative essays often take time for their completion as brainstorming is necessary for finding common grounds for the writer's narration with the given topic. However, it is observed that many students tend to complete their essays at the eleventh hour. Students who are relatively smarter than others tend to write up amazing narrative essays while others resort to getting help from the essay writer due to their weak writing abilities.

Narrative essays are considered a hallmark of rich writings because they are the collection of people’s life stories. Poets and philosophers and even great kings along with famous politicians relate stories to the readers through narrative writings. They define all the good and the bad of their time and all the negative experiences they had to go through to bring about positive changes. While reading narrations of such type, the reader is forced to realize the changing nature of the world. Narrative writings are one of many mediums of rich learning.

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Selecting a topic for a narrative essay sometimes becomes difficult for students to decide. As they find it hard to relate any topic with their life experience. Every person has some events in their life which can be related to the assigned topic. To find that relation, a writer must brainstorm their ideas and sub-stories from their lives. Students often reach out to the professional essay writers to discuss their ideas related to the given topic. Paper writing services have a group of trained writers who are paid specifically for these kinds of tasks. 

Students can also have their essays written by these professional companies. All any student needs to ask is “Can you write my essay for me ?” and they will write an amazing essay as per their requirement.

When students are required to select the topic of their own choice, they are given freedom over the matter but sometimes a writer cannot decide on what they should write and with what they should relate to. The writer must draw out their pen and note down all the important phases of their life. This helps them in travelling down memory lane and relive the memories. This helps them in choosing the most reforming phase of their life. Important phases may include early childhood days, middle school days, university life, romantic life and others. Narrative essays stress upon writing on those topics which taught the writer something important about life. No matter whatever topic is to be chosen, personal experience, skills learned and value of the story should be kept in mind while delivering it to the targeted audience. Furthermore, essay writer service should be experimenting with their ideas to make their essays attractive and catchy. All these points lead to the selection of a credible narrative essay.

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