My email migration goes wrong; what do I do?

Pradeep katiyar Wed Mar 23 2022
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It's not a fictional tale; it's a true one. However, we've simplified it. And like they say on television, we've changed names to ensure the innocent. Such outcomes happen every day for hundreds of 50-250 companies that have suffered unfavorable email migrations. Transferring emails into Office 365 is easy, but only if you know exactly what you're doing.

Yellow plc (name changed) is a management consulting. With 45 consultants on the field and 20 staff in the back office, Yellow plc had decided to implement Office 365 to improve collaboration. The company's initial goal was to transfer its email service to an IMAP solution and onto Exchange Online. The IT department held an appointment together with Moot and Dander (name modified), the IT support firm, for discussion of the project. It was decided to move email across over a long weekend to minimize the downtime. Therefore, Moot and Dander came in during the scheduled long weekend, and the move was completed.

On Tuesday morning, the MD arrived at 7.30 am and began to open Outlook. There were three messages in her mailbox. What did she do with those 600 emails? They'd all disappeared. Also, all the items she had sent also. When her IT leader came to work, the IT lead went to the office of the MD to discuss the issue. But he wasn't able to. So could the COO. The plans they'd negotiated together with Moot and Dander seemed to be a good idea, and, in the sense that the IT director was concerned, it was a good idea. However, it didn't.

Unsurprisingly, at 10 am, the MD and her - now exhausted IT lead were in an emergency conference call with Moot and Dander. It wasn't only the MD who lost her email archives, and everyone else was affected. Field consultants were angry. They'd lost their email accounts and their calendars, so they weren't sure where they needed to be or how to get in touch with their clients to inform them that they weren't in the area - no matter where it was. In addition, after losing their entire email correspondence between them and their customers, they could not re-establish these connections.

It turned out that the business had lost every email sent out or received before 10 pm on a Sunday. They lost more than just a handful of emails, and we'll save you the rest of the details.

Yellow plc never did get its email archive back. It was unable to recover the entire library. It did receive some cash compensation through Moot and Dander; however, that does not nearly make up for data loss. The IT department lost its credibility and credibility, and the reputation of the business was damaged.

If the real-life story of misfortune doesn't provide enough warning, we should think about the negative impact of a failing email migration for your business.

Impact of Project Impact

If the project's migration is unsuccessful, momentum builds but and in the wrong direction. It is necessary to add resources quickly to bring this project back to the right track. In addition, deploying more resources in a short time can be costly not only in economic or financial terms but also the knock-on impact for other projects that might be suffering due to resources being redistributed. A highly effective approach to managing projects will be necessary to avoid a domino effect. The issue is that the project managers will be juggling a lot of work in tackling the initial - and currently out-of-control projects.

Business Impact

How do we begin with this list? Some financial loss will impact the majority of companies that they can measure. The more difficult thing to count is the damage to their reputation or image, mainly if the branding values are based on messages that promote quality or trust, customer service, or the ability to respond. "You can trust us to be reliable. It's hollow when your provider admits that he's lost your email addresses.

Depending on the industry involved, there could be significant implications from an audit or regulatory viewpoint based on the specific industry. According to EU law, you have to preserve your email archives for over 12 months. Moreover, emails are essential evidence for HMRC inspections or disputes over contracts. If you lose your email archive as Yellow plc did, it could make you highly vulnerable.

Personal Effects

Failures to migrate emails - and all the disruption they bring can send the wrong message to employees and the leadership team. And in highly competitive industries which require skilled employees to find and even harder to retain, these types of incidents in the corporate world make the most competent employees think about their career options. What, if anything, would you like to be employed by a firm that can't do things as easy as shifting one or two emails?

However, it doesn't have to be this way. Many companies have successfully implemented extremely successful email migration initiatives. They are enjoying the advantages of Office 365, which include a reduced IT budget along with improved collaboration and mobility and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. We've assisted a handful of clients ourselves.

Find Out More

Check out our collection of short videos with a selection of the most successful Office 365 migrations that we've handled on behalf of our customers. Migration of data and email is crucial and not something you should lose your name. Check out our blog titled ' How to Plan the Office 365 Email Migration'.

If you'd like to learn more about Office 365 or request a quote from us to move you into Office 365, get contact us now.

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