Difference between Narrative and Descriptive Essay

peter wilson Wed Sep 23 2020
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Academic writing plays a vital role in the polishing writing skills of students to a great extent. It is a genre of a formal piece of paper that renders a platform to the students to express their ideas and feelings according to the topic. Moreover, you should strictly follow the writing style of an essay writing service. It will help you in bringing diversity to your writing style. However, a scribbler has to follow a few predefined rules to compose a handy essay.


Mostly, students consider academic writing a tedious or a dreaded affair because they have to follow the rules and regulations to create an essay strictly. In contrast, those rules play a role in rendering a roadmap to the readers as well as writers. Academic writing demands a scribbler to learn all those rules, including grammatical rules, prewriting, and post-writing measures, while compiling a detailed essay.


It is imperative to mention here that once you learn all the rules regarding structuring an essay and research paper example, you will be able to write a presentable essay. You have to keep this thing in mind that becoming a professional essay writer is not an overnight job. Instead, it's a time taking process.


Students often make a common mistake of mingling the concept of one essay with another essay. It happens due to a lack of understanding of the idea of different essays. Consequently, they get confused while writing such essays. Usually, it occurs when an essay writer has to write a narrative essay or a descriptive essay. As there is a thin line that distinguishes both essay types with each other, that's why students overlap the characteristics of the elements of both essays.


Students must learn the differences between both essays. Therefore, we have mentioned below a few differences between both essay types.


Both essays are considered cousins of each other because of both share similarities to a great extent. The narrative essay demands a writer to narrate a story that should be based on a real-life event. In short, the narrative essay requires a scribbler to tell a story about an event that he experienced in real life.

In contrast, in rhetorical analysis essay example a scribbler has to describe a thing, place, or person. However, the subject can be an ordinary place, for instance, a riverside, a thing, for example, a car or a house or a person let's say a friend's grandfather, etc.


Both essays require an author to involve all the sensory details to take the readers in the imaginary world so that they may feel themselves a part of the event. The biggest difference that distinguishes both essay types is that the narrative essays require an action, whereas descriptive essays do not.

Likewise argumentative essay, narrative essays encourage a writer to address the first person that is the author of the essay. Hence, a writer uses the word "I" and "me." On the other hand, descriptive essays demand a scribbler to write about the third person as "he, she, him or her."


Another noticeable difference between both essays is that narrative essays urge an essay writer to explicate the content chronologically and in a particular time frame. In comparison, there is no restriction to inscribe the text in sequential order in descriptive essays. Moreover, the following time frame is also not essential in this particular genre of essay.


Students must analyze different essays critically. Only then they can understand the minor differences that ultimately help them to put the efforts in the right direction.

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